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International Tax

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Steve Fox is an international tax adviser with over 35 years experience helping clients reduce their worldwide effective tax rate.  Working with you and/or your CPA, we can help with:

  • Export subsidies (IC-DISC Export Subsidy or Domestic International Sales Corporation)
  • Controlled foreign corporation international tax planning
  • Foreign tax reduction through
  • Increasing your foreign tax credit
  • Expatriate tax planning and expat tax returns, including tax equalization policies
  • Deferring income, including Subpart F income planning
  • Check the box tax efficient structuring


Steve Fox is experienced with ASC 740 (formerly SFAS 109 and FIN 48) income tax provision calculations and presentation for international tax.


Put 35+ years of experience to work for your international tax needs.  Call today for prompt, personal attention.

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Steve Fox, CPA, CMA

PO Box 880695

Port Saint Lucie,  FL  34988                                 Author of  Income Tax in the USA 2016                

1 (973) 610-5669

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