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U.S. International Tax
Stephen C. Fox, CPA, CMA
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Port Saint Lucie,  FL  34988
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Expat Tax Return Process

You deserve personal service, not complex organizers. My procedure for preparing and e-filing your U.S. expat tax return focuses on you and your needs. I speak with you live each year, and we decide the right approach for you then.

Here's how it works:
  1. We speak by phone about your tax needs, and I get certain information for the year.
  2. I give you a fixed fee quote.
  3. You say “Yes!” and we get started right then.
  4. You provide me more information, right on the phone.
  5. I confirm that information with an e-mail, and ask for additional information if needed. The e-mail will contain my engagement letter agreement with you.
  6. You confirm and/or correct the information in the e-mail and agree to the terms in the e-mail, sending it back to me.
  7. I prepare your return, and send you a draft copy by e-mail or express delivery (extra charges for hard copy delivery vary by location). Included will be Form 8879 for your signature for e-filing the return.
  8. You review your return, and advise me if there are changes needed.
  9. When the return does not require changes, you sign Form 8879 and return the signed form to me. You can send it by e-mail (scanned as .jpg or .pdf preferred) or by ordinary mail. You tell me by e-mail that you have signed it.
  10. I send you a bill for the agreed fee. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.  (PayPal allows payment by any credit or debit card as well as a PayPal account.)
  11. I e-file your return with the IRS (and some states, if required).
  12. I send you a final copy of the return as filed.  If I was unable to e-file all returns (such as some states), you then file those on paper.

With Steve Fox, you get experience, not green staff, tax season interns, or people with thick accents. For the personal service you deserve, call Steve Fox today at +1(973)610-5669 from 9AM to 9PM U.S. Eastern time (GMT +4, daylight savings months).
It's your business:  get personal.  Call Steve Fox at  1(973) 610-5669  or  email steve @ sfoxcpa .com
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