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Tax Returns for American Expats

American citizens living outside the U.S. must still file U.S. tax returns every year.  Tax returns for American expats are due June 15 with a free extension until October 15 by filing Form 4868.  Two key items may reduce an expat's U.S. tax to zero.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Form 2555

An expat can exclude up to USD 95,100 of foreign salary, bonus, and other compensation for 2012.  This is increased for housing costs in excess of USD 41.57 per day (with limits).  To qualify, an American expat must meet the bona fide resident test or the 330 day test, and also live outside the U.S.

Foreign Tax Credit, Form 1116

U.S. taxpayers can get a credit for foreign income taxes.  The credit is limited to that part of U.S. tax caused by foreign source income.  The taxes available for credit are reduced for those taxes on income excluded on Form 2555.
Expat tax returns can be very simple, very complex, and everything in between.  An expat earning just salary, living overseas the full year, and with income under $100,000 may have no tax and a simple Form 1040 with Form 2555-EZ.  More complex finances lead to more complex returns.

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